See which Harry Potter house you would love to be in?

hogwarts house quiz

The Hogwarts is a school of wizards where children are trained to become wizards and save others from evil, it is a very huge school, in which there are even ghosts who are good and also bad ones, the school is full of magic and everybody there have only come to learn magic, it is not easy at all for them to do so, as life is full of challenges and not really a piece of cake. The way to the school is also not normal, there is a special train which leads you to the school. The train also does not come on any ordinary platform or a station, it’s way is through a magical pillar in the middle of a normal railway station, if you pass into it, you will enter a totally new place where there is this grand royal train. Harry potter is the main character of the story whose parents were brutally murdered by the villain Voldemort, he is a very bad wizard and killed his parents for his own benefit.

Hogwarts quiz easily

The only person who can kill this evil was Harry potter, so he and his 2 other friends together make it possible that harry potter kills this evil person. The school that is Hogwarts was a great place and they really liked this place a lot. The school was itself made of magic, it had millions of stairs which will lead you where you wish to go. There is a hat called the Sorting hat, it is a hat of one of the four founders of the Hogwart named Godric Gryffindor. The hat is also magical as it can fly and also talk, this hat decides which child should go into which of the four groups in the school, as the classification of the students in the group is really important in a school in this was, you will be able to make new friends, know more people and also will be able to compete with your own friends who are in the same class but not in the same group. hogwarts house test will be an amazing game for fans like you who are very crazy about the Harry potter series.

What is so good about Harry potter? 

Harry potter was not an ordinary child but was born for a great reason, he had powers no one could possess. Hogwarts house test will be the right game for you and you will surely love playing it.