Pros and Cons of The Most Common Types of Cannabis

Choosing the right cannabis product for your use is very vital. The strains that are in your prescriptions indicates the type of effect the cannabis has. It enables you to understand what your disorder needs and regulates it. Some dispensaries will help you with these types of concerns. Maryland Cannabis Dispensary in Cambridge, MD, has one of the best staff in the USA. SunburstPharm will assist you in understanding the kind of medication that you are getting.


The most popular form of cannabis is a flower or plant. Flowers or buds are mainly consumable with an apparatus called a bong or a pipe. You will lit the flower and inhale the smoke it produced. The smoke of the flower will give you a sense of calm and relaxation. Since the smoke has direct contact with your lungs, you will feel its effect almost immediately. Also, you can see buds or flowers anywhere because it is very prominent. On the other hand, the upshot may only last for up to two to three hours maximum. With that said, the effect is still dependent on the type of strain the flower has.


An enjoyable and carefree way of ingesting cannabis is through edibles. Edibles are marijuana-infused products like brownies, gummies, jellies, and so much more. There are many varieties of edibles available to your liking. For clients who do not want to smoke, edibles suit them best.

Moreover, you do not have to invest in tools to have your daily dose of marijuana. The best way to find out what suits you best is by asking your physician’s what type of strain you need in your edibles. Although edibles can be very convenient for you to use, it also has its tolls. Edibles are consumable by kids because it is food. Besides, the effects run a little slower because you consume the cannabinoids in your digestive tract. It makes it a little slow to move throughout your bloodstream.


These are products infused in cannabis like balms, lotions, ointments, and more. As the intended application of the product, consumers apply this directly to their skin. With that, consumers only feel the effect in the area that they incorporated the product. The only thing that makes topicals a little disadvantageous is people who use them do not feel under the influence of cannabis.

There are many types of cannabis that you will see once you visit SunburstPharm. You can look it up on their website and see more of the cannabis available. The only thing you need is your prescription and yourself. Rest assured that their professional and well-trained staff will assist you throughout the journey of your healing.