Get A Natural Skin Tanning Look Through Melanotan


Do you have rosacea or another skin condition? Can’t seem to find a treatment that works despite trying everything? melanotan could be used in such a circumstance. A Melanotan is a substance which was first developed as a pharmaceutical for the treatment of skin disorders. This supplement is also available online.

Tanning using melanotan is a widespread practice. Even though there is no solid evidence to back its usage for anything from erectile dysfunction (ED) and rosacea , frequently it is prescribed for these illnesses nevertheless. Injections of melanotan raise safety concerns because of their potential to cause serious adverse reactions.

  • How Does It Operate?

Melanotan is structurally similar to a hormone produced by humans called somatic mutation hormone. When this hormone is present, more melanin, or dark skin pigmentation, is produced. Perhaps melanotan can also induce penile erections by acting on the brain.

  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Evidence so far shows that injecting melanotan beneath the skin may assist erectile-dysfunctioning males get and retain an erection. Yet, this is not the most ideal product due to unwanted side effects like nausea. In addition, melanotan is currently sold only online, where it is not subject to any kind of regulation.


  • When used properly, does Melanotan pose any danger?

Using Melanotan is not backed by plenty of research yet some doctors say it  “is harmless” and its usage is well proven, despite not being certified and  investigations into its effects still being conducted.The medication might help lighten pre existing moles and freckles.

Final Verdict

Attempts by users to boost their daily doses are common. People using Melanotan  should switch to a recovery phase of 2 doses per week following two to three weeks of daily treatment, or when they reach their desired degree of pigmentation.