New or used car: which one should you buy?

New or used? This is the eternal dilemma that plagues all those who want to buy a car, but don’t know what choice to make.  How many times have you thought that a used car would be better than a new one? We bet a lot. For this reason, today, we try to show you the pros and cons of both used and new used cars in miami.

Buying a car: better a used or new car?

First of all it depends on the budget you have available. Then there are other consumption and maintenance costs to consider, more contained in the purchase of a new car  and more frequent with a used one.

Finally, there is the issue of engine efficiency :  today more than ever, institutions are paying attention to vehicle emissions and bans, such as traffic stops, are becoming more stringent. Spending little on the purchase of a limited drive car  may not be a bargain. In fact, the purpose of using a new or used car that you choose is also fundamental, as well as the places in which you travel.

Let’s see the pros and cons of each option, especially to evaluate the financial aspect of the choice.

Buying used cars: advantages

Used cars have a big advantage: cost.

The second-hand market is so vast that you can find vehicles at all prices, especially since you can buy them online. If the car is still young it may even have a few years of residual warranty , but in any case, by law, even used cars have at least one year of warranty that the seller must give to the buyer.

It is also possible to find used vehicles so young that they belong to the latest generation of cars produced by the manufacturer, with all the advantages in terms of technology that derive from them. Finally, unlike a new car, it is immediately available.

However, there are also disadvantages: even if a used car has traveled several kilometers, it does not necessarily have to be treated in the best way and there are no technical problems that only an experienced mechanic could recognize.