Golf game: everything you need to know to get started

There are many golf clubs , each to be used for different situations on the course.

Despite the rule of the maximum number of sticks in the bag (14), no one forbids us to create a more substantial equipment to choose every time book a tee time in Indio, CA

With the passage of time, the competitions, specialized improvements and creative substances to try, it will in evidence be unavoidable.

And then the demand offers continual solutions for every desire, handicap and price range.

So let’s see all the golf clubs, from the important to the less available, so as to retain a wide synopsis and comprehend how to select the decent ones, the ones that best suit your game.

Golf clubs: how to choose based on characteristics

A premise is necessary, and it concerns the characteristics of a golf club.

What is a golf club made of?

It consists of a handle, known as a  grip , a barrel called a  shaft,  and a head.

The great sets of golf clubs are three in summary:




Within these macro-categories, there are also numerous variants, such as hybrids, wedges, chippers, etc., which we will see in the course of this post.

What’s important to know is what differentiates these golf clubs :

the loft , that is the angle of the club face, which progressively increases from the woods to the wedges, affecting the flight of the ball;

the length of the shaft,  important for determining the distance, also greater in the driver, to gradually go down to the irons for the approaches.

Golf clubs: the driver off the tee

The overview can only begin with him, the Driver or the “great bomber”.

Although it is part of the set of woods, we can treat it as a category in its own right, given its importance in the bag.

If you are not at the very beginning, when it is still a difficult club to use, a driver in your bag cannot be missing.

How many times have you gotten high after throwing “a drive bomb ?”

Yes, because it is the golf club that is used on the starting tee (and only from this one), when we find ourselves with the need to cover  a great distance.