Almost all the people will have better opinion about islands. They consider it as a heavenly place to spend quality time with family and friends. But it is to be noted that there are many islands that tend to have darker side. Many of these islands are completely banned for human entry. Some of those dangerous islands located in various parts of the world are mentioned in this article.

Ilha da Queimada

This is one of the most dangerous islands that is located in Brazil. This is a dangerous place where almost all the venomous snakes can be pointed out. This is the reason why this island is also called as Snake Island. To reveal the fact, the Brazil Government has restricted this place for humans.

The only person who was permitted in this region is the lighthouse keeper. But now this place is completely restricted for the civilians.


Many people might have not imagined a place in the earth where they are supposed to carry oxygen gas mask. Miyake-Jima is such a dangerous place where humans cannot enter without oxygen mask. This is because this place tends to have more volcanic eruptions throughout the year. As the result of volcanic eruption, more poisonous gases have contaminated the air and made it unworthy for breathing.

Ramree Island

This island is located in Mymmar and they have historical value. To reveal the fact, this island became popular only after that incident. During the world war, the Japanese soldiers forced to flee in the wetlands that are full of salt-water crocodile. The crocodiles ate up more number of Japanese soldiers. And even today this incident is mentioned in the Guinness book of records. They were considered to be the most horrible death happened to humans from animals. Apart from these there are several other interesting fact about various islands. To know about these details one can refer cookiesandtomatoes.