Wooden Or Aluminium Pergolas; How To Choose One For Your Home?

aluminum pergolas

While designing the home of your dreams, homeowners always keep an open mind because they understand that while majority of details can be changed over time with changing trends, there are certain decisions that just tend to be permanent and getting rid of them isn’t as easy and convenient. Adding a pergola to your home is one such decision. A pergola is a sturdy structure usually added to any backyard. They are available in various materials. Usually they are made of wood but you can also  find aluminium pergolas that provide the same strength and structure like a wooden one.

How to know which pergola is for you?

First of all any home owner needs to be sure that they wish to have a pergola installed in their back or front porch. After that decision is made they need to choose between metal like aluminum pergolas or wooden pergolas. There are multiple factors involved while making this decision. Since the strength provided by both is almost the same, the key factor to keep in mind is maintenance and upkeep. Most wooden pergolas give the appearance of gazebos and add a classy and sophisticated touch to any backyard giving it a very posh appearance, however they are chemically treated and hence require immense amounts of regular and thorough maintenance. Aluminium pergolas also require maintenance but relatively lower. They have a longer life and get the job done, without the extra flair that their wooden counterparts provide.

Choosing to add a pergola to your home is not a small decision and requires immense thought. This is why before home owners and designers choose to splurge on one they are advised to educate themselves thoroughly on the responsibilities they shall be undertaking while adding such a statement structure to a crucial part of their homes.