How To Send A Self Destructing Text Message?

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The popularity of the Instagram messaging feature is a clear indication that people want to text with more privacy. When you send a message on Instagram, the recipient will only be able to read the message for so long before it disappears. The message is saved in a permanent folder on the owner’s phone and can be retrieved there at any time. People have asked what they can do to send a message which would self-destruct the moment it was read. Here are some tips on how to send a self destructing text message:

Set up an account on Snapchat

Apply for a Snapchat account and set up the app in advance. Just like Instagram, the messages disappear once read. Later, you can use the same app to send your message over to other channels like Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

Use the web client

If you want to send a text message which will disappear the moment it is read, then you can use the Snapchat web client. It is a good idea to log into your account here and practice sending messages from this server instead of using the app itself.

Set up a SMS account

If you want to send a message which will self-destruct the moment it is read, then you can use an SMS server which works on both mobile and landline phones. The message will be transmitted in plain text so that the recipient can see it without any encryption.

Use something else

If you have other reasons to send your text messages in plaintext, there are many options available such as Jabber or TextSecure. The benefit to using these is that the message will never be read by anyone who does not have access to the key. It would need an attacker to learn the password in order for them to read any messages.


Instagram is currently popular, but as its popularity grows, so will the risk of someone taking your phone and reading all of your text messages.